Reasons Why you should learn Golang.

Golang was designed and developed at Google. As of 2021 it is one of the most popular languages going around. Golang is excellent for implementing concurrency with ease of programming. Therefore Go is among the few languages widely adopted by google for their internal use. We see other big tech companies like Uber, Adobe and Facebook adopting the language as well. It is therefore only fair to say that we are going to see a big influx of jobs for Golang. if this is not a reason to learn GO then below mentioned reason could be.

Easy To Learn; Easy To Maintain

Golang is easy to learn as it has a very clean syntax . The syntax resembles to that of C Programming Langauge. Which makes it easy to understand and use. It is thereby also easy to pickup for C / Java developer.

Everything in Golang is structured in packages. In Go there are no classes but there structs. A concept similar for every programmer with basic ‘C’ knowledge. There is no inheritance in Golang. Which makes Go Code easier to understand. As you don’t have any superclass or baseclass to consider in evaluating a piece of code.

Easy To Implement Concurrency

Ask any developer how easy is it to develop a multithreaded application and they will tell you their pain. Now, GO is different. Go is built for concurrency. It has a concept of ‘goroutines‘ which are threads that can communicate with each other through ‘Channels‘. Now Golang even allows you to place in mutex locks for shared resources.

Goroutine has growable segmented stack. Which means it only consumes more memory when needed for the operation. They also have built in primitives that allows for safer communication through channels.

Easy To Build Secure Application.

Now Go is a strongly typed programming language. It means that each variable you declare or use need to be explicitly defined. It has a Garbage Collector for automatic memory management that cleans up and helps integrates the whole collection into an executable binary.

Big Standard Library & Great Documentation.

The standard library of Go is huge. It is so well developed to a point where you may never need to have to use any third party library. A go developer is more relied on these standard library for things like HTTP, networking etc. for which normally other langauges have third party library. This collection of huge well developed library also makes Go easier to pickup because now you do not have to rely on third party resources to learn and build applications.

The standard library of go is only a reflection of how Go community has been developed. The Documentation is really great for each of the standard library functions. Greatly reducing the entry barrier.

Fast Execution Times

Golang’s easy syntax and the fact that go is a compiled language . Makes it execution really fast. Comparing it with java which is another compiled language. GO would still be faster. The reason being Java byte codes uses JVM(java virtual machine) to run. which makes it slower than your go code.

Not to forget the concurrency model that Go has which already makes multithreaded code easier to write and develop fast applications.


GO is an open-source language developed at Google. The fact that Google is already using it for a variety of their applications. It is safe to say that GO could really be the ‘language for the servers‘. More so the community of Golang developers is growing at a rapid pace. Add the fact that it is very well documented. Golang really is a language you should be adding to your skill set.

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