Top SAAS Companies From India

A SAAS company or a product usually (almost always) maintain servers, database . That the end user can access from anywhere using Internet. As it is a service the end user does not own the copy of the product but rather is enrolled in subscription that may be monthly , yearly or in some cases be weekly or by amount of product used.

So, Here is the list of top SAAS companies from India. The list is from diverse market Segment. So, The order in which they appear is no measure of their success.

  • WhatFix
    founded – 2014
    Whatfix provides a platform for the organization to provide support to their customers by creating interactive guides for their products. Whatfix has easy integration across all platforms. Whatfix also Provides you analytics of user engagement on your product. and allows for easy onboarding of users.

  • Freshworks
    founded – October 2010.
    Freshworks is one of India’s most successful SAAS based companies with over 50,000 customers across the globe. Founded by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy.Freshdesk provides improved customer support and experience to the companies like Honda, 3M, Hugo Boss among many other premium brands. Freshworks is based out of Chennai and has an office in Silicon Valley

  • Postman
    founded – 2014
    Postman has to be one of the most interesting inclusions in this list. Postman started as a chrome extension that allowed users to test their API’s. What started as a project for personal use Postman solved the problem for easy API testing for all software developers out there. Postman has to be one of the most successful product stories out of India.

  • WebEngage
    founded – 2010
    WebEngage provides marketing automation for companies. It allows the businesses to create campaigns that they can run on multiple channels like SMS, Emails, Push notifications among others. WebEngage also provides analytics of the campaigns and segmentation of the user based on their behavior and actions.

  • Zoho
    founded – 2005
    Zoho arguably the most well-known of all the SAAS companies in India provides a wide range of software services that businesses could use to control their entire business workflow. Zoho has created an entire suite of SAAS products like CRM, Campaigns, Mail, Chat, Invoice, Books, Inventory, etc that easily integrate with each other. To provide a powerful ecosystem.

  • Exotel
    founded – 2011
    Exotel is a cloud telephony platform that powers communication for enterprises, startups, and small and medium enterprises. Exotel also provides APIs that help companies to create their own personalized communication flow. Exotel is amongst the leading cloudy telephony company in South East Asia

  • Byju’s
    founded – 2011
    Byju’s is a leading edTech company. So much so that in September 2020, It was the world’s most valued Medtech company at $11.1 billion. Byju does not only offer content to School going kids but also helps prepare students for competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS. It also has content for GRE and GMAT. With the current global pandemic and lockdown across the globe, edTech companies like Byjus will only experience growth.

In the last few years, we have seen Indian SAAS companies growing at a rapid rate. Companies like Exotel, Chargebee among many others have made a name for themselves in the global market.

if the acceptance of SAAS is anything to go by we will see many more SAAS stories to come out of India and we will make sure to cover them as well.

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