Frequently Asked Node.js Interview Questions

Although I am pretty sure no one would read this block of text and would directly go through the questions there is one thing every reader of this post should know. Nodejs interviews questions will almost every time start with testing your Javascript knowledge before they could start asking about Node environment or questions that specifically test you on your knowledge of Node.js

The Interviewer also would easily be able to pick up any candidate that would have mugged up similar questions without understanding the working principle behind that concept. Your interviewer is a professional and to access candidates that is his job. So, before you appear for the interview make sure that you are at least comfortable with basics of Nodejs.

So, Here is the list of Most asked Node.js Interview Questions

  1. What is Node.js ?

  2. What are Callbacks ?

  3. What is a Callback hell ?

  4. How do you avoid a Callback hell ?

  5. What are Promises ?

  6. What is meant by non-blocking nature of Node.js ?

  7. What is REPL ?

  8. What is a Middleware ?

  9. What is the role of package.json ?

  10. What is the role of package-lock.json ?

  11. What is Event Loop ?

  12. Explain the working of Event Loop(Asked through an available code snippet)?

  13. Explain process.nextTick() and setImmediate()

  14. How does Timers work in Node.js ?

  15. How does Nodejs handle Child Thread ?

  16. What is libuv ?

  17. What are Streams ?

  18. What are Event Emitters ?

  19. Explain the this keyword ?

  20. What are Closures ?

  21. Explain the difference between Object.create and Object.assign ?

Were you asked a question that wasn’t on this list?

if yes, do comment below the question. So it could Help others

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