Google Doodle Games that you must Play

Google Doodle games are some of my best ways to past time. If I am getting bored. Most of these doodle games are interactive and really fun. Some of them though hit the nostalgia. You can play these games on the smartphone or computer. On a smartphone simply ask google now “Play Games“. It will then show you its collection of these Doodle Games. Have to say Google has done a really good job creating these minigames. Every now and then a really good game is launched in the Google Doodle games library.

Popular Google Doodle Games in India.

Fischinger :

This game lets you make your own music.That you can eventually share with your friends on social media. Or through an email. The game is really immersing and doesn’t require you to have the musical talent to enjoy this game.

fishinger google doodle musical game

This game provides you with 4 different instrument . You need to place notes on these instrument and your musical masterpiece is ready.

Link to the game here

Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks cube google doodle game

It just takes a few clicks to understand how to use this Rubik’s cube. Google has done a really good job at making it really interactive.

Link to the game here

Magic Cat Academy

Magic cat Academy google doodle game

With 5 levels and really interactive easy controls yet it makes the game a bit challenging if you are not quick enough. You will be playing as a cat trying to save the magic academy from the ghost attack. This one is highly recommended if you really want to play a game that keeps you on your toe.

Link to the game here

The Pony Express

The Pony Express google doodle game

This game has you riding on a horse trying to collect mails while also trying to avoid obstacles. The game has classic old school animation and you will definitely enjoy playing this game.

Link to the game here

Doctor Who

Doctor Who google doodle game

Now you don’t have to be to know about this really long running science-fiction show The Doctor Who to play this game it is a simple game yet is decently built to have fun.

Link to the game here.

Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnome google doodle game

Now this game has you catapult the garden gnomes across the field. Planting the plants as they go over it covering the distance. If you like catapult styled games this is the game for you.

Link to the game here.

As long as google keep releasing new doodle games we will keep updating this list. Any game that you played and really loved Please share that in the comments below. We will play those game and add them here.

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