Top 10 Programming Youtube Channel you should Subscribe [2020].

Youtube has to be one of the greatest source of learning that ever existed for free. Today we will look at the Top 10 Programming Youtube Channel you should Subscribe in 2020. These are channels with some real good content. Some of these channels are just too good to be free.

So, let’s just dive right into the best programming youtube channel you should subscribe to.

  1. Freecodecamp
    Freecodecamp is an open-source community of people who are learning to code. This has to be one of the major platforms in the world providing high-quality content for free. They have a youtube channel where some they cover almost everything you could think of learning. The production quality is also great.
    The best part is that this channel is suited for every kind of viewer whether you are someone who is starting out or someone with years of experience everyone can find the content they can learn from. It teaches more than just programming. It has a tutorial on how to set up and market your startup. This is a channel on the list that you should definitely subscribe to.

  2. Traversy Media
    Traversy Media is the channel if you want to get into web development. The channel covers videos ranging from front end to backend and also a few videos DevOps. This Channel has created tutorials on multiple programming languages ranging from Javascript, Python to PHP. You have an entire full-stack scene going around here.
    Traversy Media is also popular for his teaching style. It is handled and managed by a single person named Brad Traversy. His videos are too polished to be free. He runs a few courses on udemy but that doesn’t stop him from making some really good content on youtube.

  3. Programming with Mosh
    Programming with Mosh has to have some of the most well-produced and high-quality content on programming out there on youtube. So much so that even highly rated courses on udemy look pale in its comparison but that’s largely is also due to the fact that Mosh makes paid tutorials.
    On youtube however, he does publish long detailed videos. His channel is particularly good if you want to watch a long video that would get you from a beginner’s level to somewhere around a point where you can crack a junior dev job. I guess this is one of those channels where the high-quality content really forces to try out some of his paid content. Can’t deny this has to be one of the best programming channels out there on youtube.

  4. Dev Ed.
    if you think watching programming tutorials are boring. You haven’t watched this one. It is one of the most fun youtube programming channels out there(Never thought I would ever say that). The channel focuses on the front end side of the thing and has pretty good content. The style of making tutorial video is just too darn awesome. If you want to learn front-end development or web design this is the channel for you.

  5. The Net Ninja
    I have always wondered why The Net Ninja is so under-appreciated for the kind of content they put out. Now unlike mosh who puts out long videos here the strategy is to make short videos that are later compiled to a playlist.
    The Net Ninja tutorials although covers a variety of topic but I found it to be a good resource trying to learn front end or hybrid mobile app development.
  6. Tech With Tim
    This is another great channel covering a variety of topics and the tutorial also doesn’t seem boring. The channel mainly focuses on the Python programming language. So if your goal is to learn python making interesting projects. This channel is for you.

  7. Fireship
    This channel once suddenly appeared on my recommendation. This channel too like the Traversy media covers a variety of subjects but the one thing or rather one playlist that you should definitely watch is 100 seconds of code. The guy literally explains some complex, some rather complex topics in 100 seconds.
    The production quality on this one is off the roops and that is not even the best thing.The best thing about this channel though is the fast-paced content unlike every other youtube educational channel this one doesn’t go slow. So you won’t always be increasing the Playback Speed.

  8. SentDex.
    SentDex has some of the more popular and informative videos on machine learning videos on youtube. If you are specifically targeting to learn python or start your machine learning journey this is the channel for you. It not only covers some really complicated topics but also content for beginners.
    Go ahead and check out his videos. He made a self-driving car in GTA V and made a series of tutorials covering this project.

  9. Deeplizard
    There are many channels that talk about ML Blockchain or AI but very few of them have content like deeplizard has. If you want to learn about the concepts of ML you should definitely go and check out the content these guys have.

  10. ProgrammingKnowledge.
    It is a popular programming channel with well over 1 million subscriber base. Now, this channel does not focus on just one niche. It publishes videos on several topics that range from ‘How to install videos to’ videos on Go. it covers all that could very well be the reason that it dominates the search result when you search for a programming channel.

  11. Brackeys
    Now, this isn’t a programming channel but rather a game development channel, and that too a pretty good one. I decided to include this one to the list as programming too is one major aspect of game development and many people learn to code through either making games or code to learn to make games.
    Any Problem that you might face during your game dev journey is well documented on this channel. If you are trying to learn game development this is the channel you should look into. Especially if you would be using Unity.

Did we miss out on some channel that you like and we didn’t mention feel free to comment the name of the channel in the comment so we can look those channel out. A lot of youtube channel don’t get good exposure. You never know what gem you could find on youtube.

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